With JS End Of Lease Cleaning’s professional carpet cleaning service, we not only make your carpet look brand new, but also help extend the life of your carpet and protect your investment.

When it comes to the comfort of your home, nothing feels as luxurious as warm carpeting under your feet. While they add a lot of beauty and pleasure to your home, all that walking, jumping and rolling around can take a good toll on your carpets. That’s why you need professional carpet cleaners like JS End Of Lease Cleaning to keep the carpet looking and feeling great.

Top Notch Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Some carpet cleaning service providers attempt to deep clean the carpets by using rental equipment. These equipment produces a vastly different result than our carpet cleaning as those equipments tend to harm the material of the carpet as well. With JS End Of Lease Cleaning, you don’t need to worry about it.

We have professionally trained technicians who know the exact amount of pressure to use while cleaning the carpet and which carpet cleaning products are best for your carpet and how to remove stains, soil and spots without over wetting the carpet or leaving behind any sticky residue. Moreover, as one of the leading carpet cleaning Melbourne companies JS End OF Lease Cleaning inclines a thorough cleaning process in order to ensure both dirt and detergents are cleaned from your carpets.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process:

  • Our professional carpet cleaning includes a close examination of type of the stains on your carpet. Then our carpet cleaners will treat the stains with the correct solution for the specific type of stains.
  • After that, the experts will confirm the type of material of which the carpet is made. The cleaner will implement different cleaning methods according to the carpet’s material - hot water extraction, steam cleaning or dry cleaning.
  • The carpet cleaners will vacuum the carpet to remove all the build-up dust, dander and particles using an industrial vacuum cleaner. Any stains and spillages will be pre-treated. High traffic areas will be pre-sprayed to loosen up the grimes and soil.
  • Small furniture will be cleared out of the way by the cleaners - chairs, tables, small shelves will be moved aside. If massive furniture needs to be relocated for the carpet cleaning, you need to do it before the service.
  • Our professional cleaners will deep clean the carpets and rugs using hot water extraction, steam cleaning or dry-cleaning methods.
  • Fabric protector can be applied on the carpet upon request. It’ll prevent spillages and stains to go deep into the fabric, which will make their cleaning easy.
  • The cleaned rugs and carpets can be deodorised upon request.
  • The carpets will need 3-6 hours of drying time for the best results.
For the best carpet cleaning experience, do contact JS End of Lease Cleaning anytime.
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