While hiring an end of lease cleaners, you would certainly want to make sure you get the most valued benefit from them. Here at one of the leading end of lease cleaning Melbourne company – JS End Of Lease Cleaning, we discuss things you can do before the bond cleaners arrive at your home and the proper etiquette you can consider for living up to your expectations.

  • Remove Clutter And Tidy Up Your House Beforehand

Most times clutter is part of our life. You may leave dirty clothes scattered on the floor, or clean clothes scattered everywhere while looking for a particular piece to dress up in. for you to get the most out of the cleaning services, it is advisable to clear up the clutter. It will make it easier for the cleaners to get to the problematic areas and save them the time that will be wasted on clearing up all the mess.

  • Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies

Your end of lease cleaner will most likely come equipped with all the cleaning products and supplies needed. However, it is good to have an extra supply of such products as they may come in handy. You can also stock up on those extra garbage bags and cleaning gloves.

  • Communicate To The Cleaning Company In Case You Have A Pet

It is good to let your move out cleaning company know about your pets. This ensures they bring any special equipment or supplies that may need to tackle fur on your surfaces. From doing so, you will be able to get the most out of the cleaning services while at the same time you will avoid catching the cleaners off-guard.

  • Communicate On The State Of The Mess In Your House

The sole purpose of end of lease cleaning Melbourne is to clean the mess in your home. But it is good to let them know about the extent of said mess to avoid them turning up unprepared. Despite surprise being fun, it can be pretty horrifying when they turn up to a daunting mess without the proper cleaning products. Informing them of the situation will save you both from an unsatisfied experience.

  • Be Friendly And Helpful To The Bond Cleaners

It is human nature to deliver above and beyond when treated correctly. The same applies to your bond cleaners too. When you are friendly towards your cleaners, you create a good work environment as they will be free to interact, ask questions, or explanations not well understood. You can leave them snacks, iced tea, or water bottles to have when they take a break.

Have a query regarding end of lease cleaning Melbourne services? Feel free to contact JS End Of Lease Cleaning today. We are more than happy to help you out with your cleaning projects.

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